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Women accounted for more than 50% of accounting graduates entering the profession, but - according to the American Institute of Chartered Accountants (AICPA) - they account for only 19% of accounting firms in the United States.

CIMA - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the largest professional professional accounting management firm, globally supporting 150,000 Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA). It adopts measures to address the gender divide in leadership and to promote women in accounting.

Samantha Louis has worked for CIMA for 19 years. She moved from CIMA management in South Africa to the entire sub-Saharan Africa region, moving to London where she now works as CIMA's Strategic Vice President - Management Accounting.

 "I have had the opportunity to meet many inspiring women of my career who have guided, guided and helped me," he says. "Today, I see more women in managerial positions that drive and influence the profession around the world - they certainly would not have seen it when I started work."

CIMA leads by example. He had several female chairs - CIMA in South Africa had its first female president in 1989. In the UK, the CIMA Women's Accounting Group supports women at all levels of their careers.

The Business Case

 According to a McKinsey report of 2015, top quartile companies for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry averages.

The analysis of diversity has been carried out, and there have been changes in the accounting industry. The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has had two women in succession.

Deloitte in the UK has promoted gender diversity in each KPI as a partner and manager. Deloitte is part of a number of companies with gender-neutral curricula, eliminating the unconscious bias between the sexes in the selection of candidates.

Samantha is positive: "You're going to do what drives your business in a sustainable way over the long term, and I think the deal has been made that diversity at all levels of leadership does it."

CIMA and the MBA

 Samantha attended her MBA at the University of Pretoria in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is also a General Accountant in Management (CGMA), having studied the CIMA qualification through the CIMA Master Door, a fast track for MBA holders that exempts them from 11 exams.

CIMA's rating goes beyond traditional accounting programs, encompassing technical accounting techniques as well as modern management-oriented topics such as large data, sustainability and leadership.

CIMA students are evaluated through task-oriented case studies that reflect the current work environment. The qualification allowed Samantha to make about 18 months.

"Once I started growing in a leadership role, it was clear to me that I needed to have a better understanding of finances," he says.

"How does money really work in an organization?" What is the financial impact of the decisions you make? How are resources allocated most effectively? The CIMA qualification answers these questions.

"MBAs are often quite broad and do not take all the subjects in depth," continues Samantha. "If you aspire to work at the board or senior management level, CIMA is a very good qualification to do in addition to your MBA."

The future

 Bryony Stewart is a management consultant with a leading global financial services company. He completed his CIMA in 2003 and decided to take a part-time MBA at Strathclyde Business School a year later.

She knows that women face challenges in leadership roles in accounting and finance. For Bryony, key issues include women's family and care responsibilities and the lack of women's models and mentors in some organizations. However, she is optimistic about the future.

"Progress is being made as they increase awareness, support and commitment to address the gender imbalance in the first rank. Some companies are also beginning to define the board's goals in terms of gender diversity," she says.

"It is not only a desire to improve equality statistics, but also to capitalize on financial performance amel

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

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Question No 71:

Which ONE of the following does NOT represent a control in a computer network?

A. A firewall
B. Data encryption
C. Passwords
D. A cookie

Answer: D

Sunday, 10 September 2017

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Jude Fernando, Chief Executive Officer, Janashakthi General Insurance Limited handing over the sponsorship to Manohari Abeyesekera, Chairperson – CIMA Business Leaders Summit 2017 Organizing Committee
(From left - Manindri Bandaranayake, Head of Marketing, Janashakthi Insurance PLC; Jude Fernando; Manohari Abeyesekera and Zahara Ansary, Country Manager – Sri Lanka, CIMA)

 Lead insurer Janashakthi Insurance PLC announced for the third consecutive year its partnership with the Institute of Accountants in Management (CIMA) of Sri Lanka at the Summit of Business Leaders of CIMA.

Janashakthi came on board as Platinum sponsor for this year's event, which will take place on September 11, 2017 in "What's New: The New Business Landscape."

"Janashakthi Insurance is delighted to be part of the CIMA Business Leaders Summit for the third consecutive year. This year's theme is very relevant to us as a tailor-made organization as we strive to become a future- that is ready to meet the changing needs of our clients and create long-term value for all our stakeholders, "said Prakash Schaffter, CEO of Janashakthi Insurance PLC.

"We are committed to supporting CIMA in initiatives like this that bring the best minds to the company to create an engaging dialogue on relevant issues. This year's summit comes at a time when the changing world continues to influence how we do business in Sri Lanka and around the world, forums like this are inspiring business leaders to transform their business strategies to succeed in this changing business landscape, "added Jude Fernando, Managing Director of Janashakthi General Insurance Limited.

The Business Leaders Summit is CIMA Sri Lanka's flagship annual event with world leaders and influential in a variety of contemporary issues that make up the business landscape. This year's discussions are based on the broader concept of technological and business innovation; how organizations integrate technological advancements in their business models while creating value for their stakeholders and addressing pressing issues such as climate change and global / national factors that have an impact on their business practices.

"Janashakthi Insurance has been one of our longstanding business partners in Sri Lanka and has supported many of our key initiatives over the years, including the CIMA Awards - Janashakthi Pinnacle Awards.We are delighted to welcome Janashakthi Summit of CIMA Business Leaders for the third consecutive year, "said Manohari Abeyesekera, chairman of the CIMA Business Leaders Summit 2017 Organizing Committee.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in 1919, is the largest and most important professional body of management accountants, with members and students operating in 177 countries. CIMA works closely with employers and sponsors cutting-edge research, constantly updating its qualification requirements, work experience and ongoing professional development to ensure that employers remain engaged with financially trained employers.

Janashakthi Insurance PLC, founded in 1994, has marked the industry as an innovative and familiar name for a period of two decades. As an organization that is developed to provide excellence in customer service by meeting the insurance needs of its customers, Janashakthi has a network of 113 branches, a 24-hour call center 24 and a 24-hour evaluation service. Today, the Company is strong as a leader in Automotive, Non-Motor and Life Insurance services and continues its vision of lamp illumination in every home and workplace.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

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Enrollment in undergraduate and postgraduate accounting programs for the 2015-2016 school year totaled more than 250,000, maintaining the record level of 2013-2014. This was mainly due to a record level of undergraduate enrollment. From the demand side, the recruitment of new graduates in accounting firms has declined from the record level seen in 2014. This is according to reports 2017 Trends in the provision of graduates and the demand for public accounting accounting, Published today by the American Institute of CPA (AICPA).

 "The high number of undergraduate degrees in accounting programs bodes well for the goal of pursuing a strong pipeline of talent entering the profession," said Yvonne Hinson, CPA, CGMA, Ph.D. , AICPA Academic in Residence, Senior Director, School Participation and Student. "The AICPA continues to be incredibly focused on attracting bright, motivated accountants to the profession. We use Trends and other internal research to shape our programs and initiatives to ensure that the next generation CPA knows that joining the accounting profession is one Excellent career choice with flexibility and substantial opportunities.

While undergraduate enrollments were at an all-time high, the report found that projected enrollment in the accounting system returned to pre-2014 levels. Recent trend reports have seen a steep increase in enrollments and teacher graduates. The CPA profession has significantly lower unemployment rates than the economy in general, especially during economic downturns, which may have helped to attract both traditional and career-changing students to their masters. accounting.

 "In my experience as an educator, economic turbulence is a strong motivator for people to pursue the stability of a career in accounting," Hinson said. "The uncertain job market in the post-recession years may have led a large number of career changers to return to school to obtain a master's degree in accounting. At the same time we have seen plenty of students to continue their masters degree directly After graduating from his bachelor's degree in order to strengthen his academic credentials, thus increasing the total number during this period. "

The number of undergraduate degrees awarded during the academic year 2015-2016 (57,119) remained strong, adding to the second highest record and representing a five percent increase from 2013-2014. While the masters degrees awarded (22 405) fell from the historical level observed in 2013-2014, they were also the second highest recorded. Overall, there was an overall decline of 2,258 book titles granted in 2015-2016.

After reaching historic increases over the last four years, hiring the projected public accounting firm has slowed down during calendar year 2016, with 8363 fewer new accounting graduates hired as compared to the previous year. The report found that 59 percent of all companies that hired one or more accounting majors in 2016 plan to hire the same number of graduates or more in 2017. In addition, accounting and business graduates continue to have many possibilities.

 Labor Manual 2016 Labor Statistics revealed that the employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow at a rate of 11% between 2014 and 2014, which is faster than average and represents 142,000 additional jobs. According to the BLS manual, high demand for accountants can lead to good prospects for entry-level positions, with strong competition for jobs in the most prestigious accounting firms and companies. The manual also notes that employment prospects are particularly attractive to accountants and auditors who have obtained their CPA licenses.

"As technology and data analysis reorganize the global economy, CPAs remain well positioned to take advantage of these trends," said Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, President and CEO of AICPA. "We have focused on educating our members on current and future opportunities available to them, as accounting firms are increasingly moving toward the provision of wider insurance services. And we are also proactively addressing change in the profession through the new version of the CPA exam, which puts more emphasis on higher order skills such as analytical ability and problem solving. "

There was a 13 per cent increase in the number of new candidates for the 2015-16 CPA uniform review. This increase was attributed by the launch of the new review in 2017, as well as by the concerted efforts of the 'AICPA, state-owned enterprises CPA and accounting companies to encourage individuals to pass the CPA exam.

 The AICPA has a multitude of programs designed to increase the pipeline of talented accounting students entering the profession and earning their CPA license. Increasingly, these programs target high school students. In addition to Long Start Here, Go Places. (Providing resources for educators and high school students), the Institute recently announced the acquisition of the Pilot and Bridge Project (APBP). The APBP is a program that trains high school teachers to teach a higher level accounting course. Research shows that taking the course increases the likelihood that students will be majoring in college accounting. Under the AICPA management, the program is being improved and will reach more teachers and, ultimately, more students.

In addition, AICPA's TheWayToCPA website educates students about the potential of an accounting career and provides them with resources and guidance when entering the profession. The AICPA also offers many educational opportunities to accounting students throughout their academic careers.

The 2017 Trends report includes a section that provides details on the interpretation of the data. As the statistical models for this year's report were developed and implemented by a research firm different from previous reports, projections are comparable to previous models, but they are not identical.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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Question No 70:

What is the marketing concept?

A philosophy of business, that holds that the key to organisational success is meeting customers' needs more effectively ad more closely than competitors (a belief system)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

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Born in Ghana and an accounting accountant Father Noel Tagoe sleep with Becoming a Mathematician Even if he fell in love with the trade and a new definition decided Darla. Today, El Comercio for Christmas is not a theme for intellectuals a breeding on top or an option of the race has Mint money, but a strategy of life.

CURRENTLY, the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Institute of Accountants Management (CIMA), based in the UK, are responsible for providing Leadership Thinking Through Research in accounting there finance. In Bangalore for the ceremony of the call for Commerce and deanato management in the University of Christ, Noel has YOU speak. Extracts:

How did El Comercio begin for you?

I love mathematics I did not want to be a mathematician. However, at the birth of the United Nations rape Father insisted that the Tomara accounting. EVEN THOUGH at first I was upset, I finally realized he had taken that decision to better life in me. Soon I fell in love with the subject and became a mid-passion. I realized finances as sin, life is useless. I need it at every step of your life. If you want to make an Investment Retirement, you will have to finance saber if you want to buy a new property, you will have finances of saber. This theme is How It is enormously transformative are alchemy. Everything came back in touch WHEN it's the finance scam.

How was El Comercio in the Past and Now How is it?

In The Past, Commerce was THEME Only For Intellectuals are Most People Who Study It Just Knew By What CATed They Studied. But now the stage has changed student and every one who takes the trade questions the subject and wants to know more about the respect. THAT I place the subject on the map and in general Alento the interconnection between several institutions of the World to the Commerce that they studied.

Previously, El Comercio is restricted only to the lucrative Private Sectors there, but now it is also significant in the public and non-profit sectors. The Technology, El Comercio score still converted into a life strategy and we are importing not exporting knowledge m a through the. The topic has become More Penetrating There is the language of Cost, Benefit, Risk, Religion and Society.

What role does ethics play in trade? Is any specific discipline in ethical trading?

Yes, It's Here and That's What We're Exactly Focusing on at This Moment. Formerly the ethical age Subject to an individual. People used to study ethics as an independent subject and then apply it to trade. However, NOW, we HAVE combined ethics in the trading of How This Last Sin CAN sustain ethics. The Trade is the force of the World Development promoter of it, if it breaks, All That Will be the We have Chaos not Anarchy. What does it do? It is to maintain the ethical United Drive that force the system and prevent it from decomposing. Without ethics The Rules Mere could never sustain the backbone of global development.

Which children are the New Investigations underway in the Field of Commerce?

We are using our retrospective (past) vision, the current (insight) there is (future) foresight to Work in a New business segment called moral. In What We Are Working, Values ​​We CREATE, Preserving, Business Sharing a Global Level, Using Ethics Bring More Paragraph A facilitating and business existence f Peaceful Values ​​and business. We are also focusing on our air No. competing, Technology leverage v But in accounting for ACHIEVE AN EVOLUTION In The Future of Finance.

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The American Institute of Chartered Accountants has presented its budget and finances at its Spring Council meeting in Washington, DC on Monday, while the organization undergoes a transformation in international partnership with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Eric Hansen, Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee of AICPA, provided a summary of the finances in the last five months of the organization's fiscal year, which now has a calendar year end, according to CIMA. For the five-month period to December 31, 2016, the AICPA had a net loss of $ 2.6 million, or $ 2.5 million of unfavorable budget. The variation is due to several factors, Hansen said. Net operating revenues decreased by $ 1.3 million above the budget, mainly related to the assumption times for the budget for the five-month period, making most of the amounts expected to be realized in 2017. Expenditure Of total operations was negative by 1.6 million budget. The main factor that contributed was the cost invested in consolidating the new Association of Professional Accountants between AICPA and CIMA.

Two important non-operating elements had an impact on the financial statements during the period. First, a 5 million impairment charge was recorded after the management of AICPA assessed several previous software projects and has been determined to actually replaced or translated "non-current." This decrease charge was offset by a pension gain of $ 5.5 million related to an increase in the plan discount rate due to current market conditions. On a combined basis, net assets were reduced by 2.6 million, mainly because of these differences. Last month, the AICPA Board of Directors unanimously approved the audited financial statements, which included an unchanged opinion.

AICPA Vice President of Finance Tim LaSpaluto said that AICPA's investment portfolio performance has increased since 2012 and that the Institute continues to oversee its mix of portfolio. The pension plans of the AICPA and CIMA are liabilities of each respective organization.

For the calendar year 2017, the AICPA will finance the new partnership as a whole. "As reported in the last board meetings, we have provided a net shortfall of $ 10 million due to the association's investment in strategic value generators," Hansen said. "We expect continued growth in our revenue generation activities and we expect growth of 5% compared to 2016."

One of the highlights of the AICPA hopes that 2017 will be a new event in June called Engage, which will feature the most important innovative, influential and profession leaders. Tax revenue is expected to increase by 5 percent, mainly due to the continued growth of membership in all areas and rates to raise the rate based on previous years and inflation. The AICPA is expected to drop 10% of test sales after last month's release of the next generation CPA exam. However, the AICPA has increased the number of candidates who examined the four quarters prior to the change. The new uniform CPA exam puts more emphasis on cognitive tests of higher order candidate skills, such as critical thinking and analytical skills.

From the point of view of expenditure, the AICPA anticipates increases in its operating expenses due to the annual salary increases, which are indicated as being in line with the market. The budget also includes a contingency of $ 1.75 million, in line with previous years, to allow management and the board to deploy the unbudgeted necessary resources.

Membership continues to grow. "We expect to finish 2017 with more than 670,000 members and students, an increase of 10,000 compared to 2016," said LaSpaluto. "Our cash and credit section has increased by 10 percent, 100-76 thousand, which includes newly accredited ratings for entities' certificates and intangible assets, and we continue to generate revenue in all areas, allowing us to invest In programs and initiatives that support our members around the world.

This year, the AICPA launched the new CeIV grade, which should generate additional income. The AICPA also launched a tax reform in the Resource Center to inform