Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 48

Question No 48:

Cattell's 16PF test is normally associated with which ONE of the following?

IS feasibility studies
The process of market segmentation
Auditing existing supply arrangements
Employee selection

Answer: D

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 47

Question No 47:

Gross National Product (GNP) represents?

A. Another term for Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
B. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) adjusted for foreign earnings.
C. The total intellectual and social capital of a country.
D. Aggregated 'bottom-line' performance of a country's top 100 companies.

Answer: B

Manjula de Silva appointed chairman, CIMA Sri Lanka

Manjula de Silva (CMA CGMA) was installed as chairman of CIMA in 2016 at the induction ceremony of the CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, held in Colombo on January 19.

Commenting on his appointment as President, Manjula said, "I am very excited about my new role as president of CIMA Sri Lanka Council. CIMA has played an important role in shaping my career role. It gives me a great opportunity to pay CIMA for what he did for me. 

CIMA I become the top brand in the education of corporate strategy in Sri Lanka and I'll do my best to make an important step in that direction this year.

Manjula has an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Colombo and an MBA from London Business School, UK. He studied management at INSEAD Business School, France and the Harvard Business School, USA .. 

Having HNB Assurance plc joined as CEO in July 2004, Manjula served as general manager from March 2006 to March 2015 . In April 2015, he took a new position as president of the State Trust Property Insurance Fund (NITF). He is a member of the Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and served as the chairman of its Executive Committee in the safe until recently.

Vice President for the year will be Dr. Arul Sivagananathan (General Manager - Hayleys Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. and Hayleys BPO), while the vice president will Mahesha Ms. Amarasuriya (Senior Manager - Corporate Banking, Banking SELECT privilege NDB Bank PLC).

CIMA Sri Lanka Board see five new members to serve for a period of three years. Three members were appointed find Samantha Rajapaksa (Group CEO - Associated Motorways (Pvt) Ltd), Dinesh Dharmadasa (Executive Director - Ceylon Tobacco Company Plc) and Hasitha Premaratne (Chief Financial Officer - Brandix Lanka Ltd.) while Nishantha Weerakoon ( Group Finance Director - CIC Holdings PLC) was re-elected and Shraepathy Attanayake (Director - Logistics Ltd. Trico / Omak Technologies Ltd) was elected to the Executive Council this year.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

College Gains Double Accreditation

St Helens College is famous after obtaining the accreditation of two main dishes.

St Helens College received a significant stamp of approval to deliver Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) courses in logistics.

The news comes as the College is preparing to launch a brand new £ 3m Logistics Academy in September in collaboration with Knowsley Community College, a project approved last month by the funds of many of growth Liverpool City Region.

Mike Kelly, professionals and major business at the University of St Helens center studies, said. "I am very pleased that we have become a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) accredited facility We are one of only a handful of institutions educational offering degrees in northwestern CILT approved. The logistics sector is suffering from a shortage of skills for these new courses will also enable us to meet the needs of employers in line with the requirements of the new Liverpool City Region Superport ".

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK - CILT (UK) - is an independent professional organization for those related to logistics, supply chain and transportation all along their careers.

The new degrees logistics includes brief introductory courses in warehousing and logistics for those considering a career in this growing industry.

It scores Level 1 that are designed to give people an overview of the logistics industry, levels 2 and 3 certificates in logistics and transportation are included, and a level of 5 advanced degree in logistics and transportation It will be delivered to the Central University of St Helens.

Accreditation Meanwhile, the university has also gained Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

The institution has been awarded an additional seal of approval of the accounting profession, making St Helens University Center only a handful of schools in the northwest that offers Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Qualifications.

CIMA is the largest and first professional organization in the world of Management Accountants, working in the heart of the business. A CIMA qualification provides a dynamic mix of practical and strategic topics designed to give the lead in terms of financial management. This accreditation means that students can now pursue their studies accounting at the University Centre St Helens in an even higher level.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 46

Question No 46:

Which ONE of the following is NOT a feature normally associated with a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)?

Government funded
Non-profit making
Explicit social mission

Answer: A

CIMA Charts Robust Growth Across The GCC In 2015

 The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the largest in the world of management accountants organization supported an unprecedented effort to expand throughout 2015 and continued its past growth rate.

During 2015, the CIMA celebrated its 100,000th member, a milestone is a testament to the ongoing commitment of the organization to the development of various talents. In addition, improving student achievement with GCC achieve remarkable success rate of 76 percent.

Geetu Ahuja, Head of GCC, CIMA, said: "2015 was a successful year for us through strategic alliances, we have expanded our presence and reached out to a larger group of students and professionals, their empowering them to be better equipped in all matters today. develop their business skills and finance. In general, we reached the 100,000th member historic milestone this year, building nine decades of experience, knowledge and skills that transforms main professional organization CIMA management accounting in the world. "

The CIMA qualification is designed to provide a solid understanding of all aspects of the business that allow professionals to contribute in many areas of the organization, not only in finance. 

In the grounds of stronger accounting, business management teaches CIMA and strategic skills, to equip professionals to give advice on business strategy and risk management. The CIMA program is built around core competency accounting, but has expanded to include "Big Data", sustainability, integrated reporting, the transformation of the finance function, as well as costs and management costs.

CIMA has also contributed to the growth of Islamic banking and finance industry and members prepared for a career in Islamic finance through Islamic finance qualification, covering Islamic commercial law, banking and Takaful, Islamic Capital Markets and Accounting for Islamic finance institutions.

As testimony to his contribution to the development of qualified personnel in the field of Islamic finance talent, CIMA has been awarded the prize for the best training center in the 2015 horizon Islamic Affairs and Finance Awards, the oldest awards program sector.

CIMA has also played a strategic role in reducing the gap in employability in the region. CIMA worked closely with leading institutions in the Middle East, including Unilever, Mars, Mashreq Bank, UAE and Global Aluminum (EGA), and forged new alliances with ADNOC, DU, Nestle, Union National Bank and Damascus 2015.

In addition, CIMA conferred the Premier Partner for the formation and development of Mannai Corporation, Qatar, in recognition of his support to provide ample opportunities for training and development of CIMA members and students in your organization. The year also saw the appointment of Amir Al Janahi (FCMA, CGMA), Director, EGA Factory Finance President of CIMA Middle East, South Asia and North Africa (MESANA) regional meeting.

As part of its mission remains an enabler of higher education and research in business and finance profession, CIMA launched an income calculator based on a 2015 survey of salary. This new information tool that allows members and students to calculate average wages according to different factors career. 

The calculator uses data from the 2015 salary survey CIMA and allows users to quickly compare the average wages in industry, job function and level of experience in their respective countries.

CIMA has organized several professional development workshops across the GCC for the Integrated Strategy, budgeting and performance management, as well as information technology and strategy. 

He also supported key events such as golf tournaments and CFO Prix. In addition, CIMA has actively supported the annual conference LAW Middle East in 2015, and continued to bet on tie-ups with educational institutions in the region, including Abu Dhabi University, Manipal University, the American University of Dubai, University existing Wollongong (UOWD), University of Bahrain, Skyline University, Emirates Bank and International Finance at the School of Banking and Finance, University of friendship and memoranda of understanding signed with the University of Dubai and Dubai Manchester Business School.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Weak kwacha affecting students’ courses - CIMA

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants said the turbulence of change has made it difficult for the institution to attract more students.

Throughout the CIMA are invoiced in sterling and yesterday, a book has been buying and selling and K16.07 to K16.03 respectively.

In response to questions from reporters at a breakfast meeting on Friday, CIMA-Zambia Gordian manager Bowa said falling kwacha against major foreign currencies had paralyzed the buying power for many students, so have challenges Registration for the programs or pay the cost of the exam.

"Unfortunately, every time we have a weak currency, it will affect our performance in the sense that the purchase of our students can be reduced. So this means that those who are interested in joining, write exams beginning to return to develop strategies to respond to the new reality, "Bowa said, but hinted that there may be some specials that CIMA would bring about the current price to ease the financial difficulties of students struggling with.

"In fact, we have been affected very negatively but I must tell you that we are a very sensitive organization as CIMA, every time we see things like that (the unfavorable exchange rates), which always come with different promotions that will help our customers [to] manage this impact. In fact, we have already reported this issue this year. I will not go into details because the developments are on the horizon, but I can tell you boarded Price, in particular for exams ".

And Bowa showed that CIMA, which has a student base of Zambia 2 500 and a cumulative 310 membership, has partnered with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for the benefit of students.

"What is happening in the world of the accounting profession is that there are a lot of rationalization and if you're small as an organization, you should not have much impact or influence.'ll Tell our competitors actually came to the conclusion Similar agreements and therefore, for us to work with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, will be bigger with much more influence in the world. For our students, it is an advantage because the working relationship with the American Institute of Accountants public, once qualified with CIMA and we want to go to the United States, there will be an existing structure where you can convert the ACC and be able to work quickly in America, "he said.

Meanwhile, Bowa said CIMA is ready to guide journalists on the basic financial reports on request.
"If we receive a specific request to enter the accounting reports that there is a need for this, I think you can always design something for journalists because we have the resource base that can handle very competent," Bowa said.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

AWS Launches Two New Korean Datacentres

AWS has launched two new datacentres in Seoul to extend its cloud computing services into a fifth Asia-Pacific region.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced it will launch services for its fifth Asia-Pacific region in Seoul, South Korea, with two data centers with redundant power, allowing customers to operate at high latency and scalable applications in a fault-tolerant environment.

"Customers continue to choose as AWS infrastructure technology platform, because we have many more features than any other cloud provider, partner and customer ecosystem much larger built around AWS, and maturity unparalleled security and performance," he said Andy Jassy, ​​senior vice president of AWS.

"Our customers and Korean partners have asked us to build an infrastructure of AWS in Korea so they can run more workloads on AWS and approve new initiatives that could change your business and the customer experience. We are excited to offer this to our customers today. "

AWS also works on its cloud computing infrastructure to Korean customers, having worked with system integrators and global Bespin, Megazone, GS and Neotek Vsystems to help companies in their migration to AWS, deploying applications on AWS , and help monitor, automate and manage customer environments AWS.

The local independent software vendors, including Dreamline, TmaxSoft, IGAWorks, AhnLab Hancom and also work with AWS to provide integrated solutions for software, security and connectivity.

Educating the AWS program also takes in eight universities in the region, including Seoul National University, Sogang University and Yonsei University to provide students with training in cloud computing. The program was launched in May 2015, with more than 1,000 Korean students participating.

AWS cloud now operates in 12 regions worldwide, with an additional four regions - the UK, China, India, and Ohio - scheduled for launch this year.

Amazon recently revealed that his unit AWS had done most of the profits of the company for 2015.

According to Pacific Crest analyst Brent Bracelin, however, profit margins AWS "can fall through the investment of the company in moving into new areas.

"While AWS does not expand into new regions in 2015, the company looks set to add a record four new regions in 2016 in three new countries: the United Kingdom, India, South Korea and a new area of ​​Ohio on US "Bracelin said in a research note.

"This should increase capital spending, which could put pressure on operating margins ... Each region has a growing importance, given this year, on average, each region generates approximately $ 715 million in sales. The average income by region more than doubled in the past two years. "

Amazon has yet to publish its results for the fourth quarter of 2015, but said in a blog post earlier this week it would cut prices of its C4, M4 and R3 Elastic Compute Cloud about 5 percent in the US If Linux ., Asia, Asia-Pacific and European regions.

These price falls after the announcement of Amazon earlier this week opened its general availability cloud-based email service and the company calendar almost a year after the first announcement Workmail.

In a blog post by the head of AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr Monday, Amazon said the preview mode has been completed, with the commonly available service in three regions of AWS.

"The security features and controls ... Workmail include controlling the location, encryption of stored data, analysis and protects against spam messages and viruses policies and actions to control mobile devices," said Barr .

"I am pleased to announce that Amazon Workmail is now generally available in three regions of AWS. The US (Northern Virginia), West of the United States (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland)"

Workmail was built as a back-end support for native Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Mac OS X, and is able to integrate with multiple existing enterprise directories such as Microsoft Active Directory. Mailboxes can also be synchronized with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone devices using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

All data is encrypted using SSL Workmail Amazon, the service costs $ 4 per month for each user 50 GB of storage. Up to 25 users in a company can also access a free trial of 30 days of service.

"Customers have asked us repeatedly for business email and calendar service is more cost effective and easier to manage your on-premise, safer than cloud offerings available today solution, which supported the best in class infrastructure platform in being reliable performance as your current - and future - workloads, "Vice President of Services AWS Compute Peter De Santis said in announcing the service in January 2015.

"We built Amazon Workmail to meet these demands and help businesses achieve the agility and savings AWS leaving undifferentiated handle the heavy lifting involved in corporate email and calendar."

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 45

Question No 45:

Background and circumstances, special attributes and disposition are all factors often identified in which ONE of the following?

Service level agreements
Key performance indicators
Person specifications
Job descriptions

Answer: C

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New DMDs for Pubali Bank

Pubali Bank recently named Md Sayeed Ahmed Mohammed Ali Akhtar Hamid Khan and his Deputy Managing Directors.

Before the appointment, Ahmed was the service of the bank as CFO. He has experience in financial management, credit risk management, treasury management, investment management, basic risk management, structured finance and management of triple bottom line.

Ahmed is another member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh and associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

Before the promotion, Ali was the bank service as managing director and technical director, the bank said in a statement.

He was also the head of the information technology, general services and development division, the division of research and development and public relations unit of the bank.

Khan in his four decades long career has also worked with the NCC Bank, AB Bank and Rupali Bank, the statement said. He completed his gradutation and a Master in Economics from the University of Chittagong.