Sunday, 29 May 2016

Prince Sultan University Signs Accord with CIMA

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the University Prince Sultan signed an agreement that will allow students to obtain certification and CIMA world title with his graduation degree.

Prince Sultan University in Riyadh was formally established in 2003 and is the first private university in the Kingdom. Students at the University accounting now be able to accelerate their professional development and to accelerate their progress directly from the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting levels.

Geetu Ahuja, Head of Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, CIMA, said. "CIMA provides a more relevant training for the company and recognized finance internationally The rating focuses on business performance, management and finance, giving students an advantage to be placed through any business function. by the time students who are not only financially qualified, but also training in business, able to advise on corporate strategy management and management graduate risk. "

Dr. Ahmad Al-Yamani, president of the University Sultan Prince, said: "Today's business environment can be very difficult, especially for new graduates looking to enter the workplace Our partnership with CIMA will allow our students. build a successful career when they graduate and help them find new business opportunities, finance and related areas. "

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Try Global Accounting For Your Desi Business

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - CIMA put an updated accounting CIMA (Cert BA) in India certificate underway. The certificate reflects the needs of employers for professionals who add value to your organization. Shane Balzan, responsible for developing global program of CIMA, which launched the Certificate in Business Accounting 2016 in India, talks about the relevance of a certificate of this kind for Indian students. Excerpts ..

Why he chose India to launch the updated accounting certificate?

India remains one of the key potential markets for CIMA to date. We have some of the largest universities like the University of Christ, Manipal University and the University Gitam offering the course of thousands of students. CIMA has already established a connection between students in India.

What are the career options that this course could lead to?

The Certificate in Accounting is a foundation for a career in business and finance, and is a way of becoming an accounting management system general admission. In the end, they can continue to take CIMA professional exams or study part time or full time.

What is the relevance of the certificate of many career options today that Indian students?

Open to the need to be relevant in the global context Indian organizations. Today, business houses of India have companies in different countries and sectors, and relevant management accounting and insurance to help translate an overview of business decisions. There is no better time to embrace the management accounting in India now. Indian students seeking global careers find the right tool in this rating.

Today, business houses of India have companies in different countries and sectors, and relevant management accounting and insurance to help translate an overview of business decisions. There is no better time to embrace the management accounting in India now that Shane Balzan, CIMA

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 64

Question No 64:

Process maps can highlight which ONE of the following:

Incidences of where costs arise in a process
Incidences of where benefits arise in a process
Duplication and unnecessary steps in a process
'Floats' in a sequence of activities

Answer: C

Sunday, 15 May 2016

What we saw at the CIMA Mind Challenge

There was no sleep in the spirit CIMA contenders challenge. Hilton residences runners were seen with equipment ready to be interviewed. To mark the jurisdiction of the Mind Challenge 18 annual morning was an important test for students of CIMA who put the case together opportunity.

Chief guest of the morning was the president of CIMA Sri Lanka Board, Manjula De Silva. "Sri Lanka is the biggest market" for qualification in the UK, he told the combat ready crews, and is the largest outside their country of origin market. enthusiastic contest, the president admitted to represent several of his former physical education in several surveys as a student. Often said. "Good things are not fun, and fun things are not always good" Coming through indulgence "no fault" questionnaires, was seen working quietly answered questions.

40 teams from all professional and educational field began later but only eight survived. Dialogue and Fonterra were among corporate teams still standing, while a team from the University of Kelaniya also flew its colors. Glitch-buzzers and do not take away from the other entertaining way round.

Business and Current Affairs, CIMA Curriculum, Sports, Entertainment, History and Geography were the obstacles thrown their way into the final rounds of the competition. 4 teams entered this stage that quickly became a show full of intellectual gladiator style down between the teams ranked in the top.

Runners-up were the team members 'environment' Tharindri Rupesinghe, Jetha Elvitigala, Shama Ameenudeen, Sarith Samarajeewa and Sean Baliah.

The first place winners and return tickets to Sigiriya was a team of alumni of Ananda College, called "Ex ACQC. Deran Hewavitharana, Darshana Gamage, Lukshitha Lokugalappaththi, Virâj Indula Madushanka and Dian were its members.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 63

Question No 63:

The need for external accreditation is associated with which ONE of the following?

Total Quality Management
ISO 9000
Six Sigma methodologies

Answer: C

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Cima E1 Exam Question No 62

Question No 62:

Mintzberg's design of an effective organisation does NOT include which ONE of the following categories?

Outsource partners
Operating core
Strategic apex

Answer: B

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Accounting Alone

Until about fifteen years, political scientist Robert Putnam ago has caused a bit of a touch with his book Bowling alone, citing the famous drop in the number of people who bowl in leagues as a substitute for a decline in "social capital" and citizen participation in the United States over the past 50 years.

Then the media has taken place, and nobody worried about the social commitment (or if they have, it was to say that we could have too much of it). And in any case, it was unlikely anyone to write anything called "single accounting" (except me now) - accountants have always been committed to their profession, both before and after social media.

So why bring this up now? Because I will encourage everyone to their level of commitment. If you're not part of a group of his colleagues, join a - or create one. If you already belong, participate in a committee or volunteer for a position. And if you do all those, start recruiting others to join, and increase their level of commitment, too.

Why? First, it is good for you, at this time.

Whether through a forum of active social media as QBOChat, the local branch of the CPA firm state, or a larger organization, such as an agreement or a network, or the National Conference Professional or the American Institute Public Accountants CPA interact with their fellow practitioners will help to solve problems, learn new valuable things, recruiting and retaining new employees, promote your business and find new business and mergers and partners. With increasing competition both within the profession and outside, now is the time to enjoy the will of accountants to share all kinds of valuable tips and best practices with colleagues.

And secondly, it will be good for the industry, now and in the long run. As it continues the release of the baby boomers, accounting, like everything else, it will fall by demographic cliff, even with regard to ride the younger generation being attracted to other areas. A vibrant, highly committed profession will be better able to overcome the departure of the baby boom, and attract new members to fill their spots, there is nothing to identify new opportunities for its members say.

If you are a member of the AICPA there is already a great opportunity to talk to their profession happening now. In the week after the April 18, you should have received an email from the institution in the vote on a proposal to create an international association with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The new group would be an important accounting basin internationally, while preserving the bodies of the individual members of the AICPA and CIMA.

In our April issue, we find an article written by the vice president of the Institute Carl Peterson about why he thinks the proposal is good for the profession, and our May issue we find an article by Noah Ash Institute on value of world public accountant credential management, which was the main product of the original joint venture between the AICPA and CIMA. On the side of the scam, columnists our spirit accounting, Profs. Paul Miller and Paul Bahnson oppose the proposal in his column in May (and almost everywhere else).

Whatever side you take, the ballots are due on June 16, and taking into account the potential of the proposal in the profession impact, both here and abroad, it is important that everyone grief.