Monday, 9 January 2017

Can the creative industries help Ireland in post-Brexit world?

While Ireland is trying to prepare for the impact of the Brexit crash for the world economy, several industries are planning their way into some unknown waters.

Bernie Cullinan, CEO of Pragma Adviser and a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, thinks there may be a special role for the creative industries, as the impact of the UK's decision to leave the EU continues.

Pragma, which provides strategic planning for national and international companies, works with companies in various industries, including software, creative industries, professional services organizations, government, manufacturing, construction, sports and the nonprofit sector.

Cullinan sees the creative industries as key opportunities and plays a central role for Ireland in the post-Brexit era.

It is expected that funds for Creative Europe for this sector to reach 1.4 billion by 2020, but the Irish sector's funding by the Irish government should increase substantially, given heavy cuts during the recession. This is a sector in which there is a considerable multiplier effect, and the government has a very good value of its investment in the sector.

Award-winning animation studios to major Hollywood movies that revolve around the country of Ireland is already growing, but could grow even more as companies start looking outside of the UK.

"The film industry is a great example," Cullinan said. "The tax structure is now very favorable and after some initial problems in implementation, it attracts a lot of international interest in this industry.

"Ireland has an intellectual property management framework for Robuste.L'impact Brexit means that the UK is in danger of losing certainty around the management of intellectual property rights, which are long active term and so Both need long-term visibility of the legal situation.

We have a large infrastructure studio, including Troy Studios recently launched at the old Dell plant in Limerick. The size of these studies, and other factors already mentioned, Ireland makes a very attractive proposal for large budget productions, "added Mr Cullinan.

While the creative industries are in a good position, Cullinan said that there are real threats to the situation in Ireland as a place to invest, since the decline in funding for education and the lifestyle that the country can offer.

"The issue of financing is critical and must be addressed along with the quality of life affecting employees, housing and personal taxation." FDI determines its location based on its ability to attract and retain employees from High caliber. Lifestyle is an important consideration for them. "

"In terms of research, particularly in areas such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, nanotechnology and innovation in medical devices, Ireland is at the forefront with a reputation and world-class facilities.

"This is a great asset to invest in." It provides Ireland with a very strong platform to create new indigenous companies capable of playing on the world stage and anchoring FDI businesses here to continue to participate in the research ecosystem. It is noteworthy that after the vote Brexit, many British scientists are trying to place Ireland in particular to gain access to EU research funding.

Anatomy is an appropriate term to use for frustrated scientific calling, working with newly formed and established companies to reach the next level while also providing a response to companies in "life support."

"I have developed an interest in the business from an early age, which comes from a family business," Cullinan said, "so the next natural step after BComm degree was to get into management accounting. From inside the anatomy companies. "

Lifelong learning lawyer, Cullinan has a great admiration for the model of the DCU, which provides access to all to education. His personal mantra is to learn something new every day, and it is established that the CIMA qualification that supported his career is a very valuable springboard that the world continues to adapt and change over the next few years.

"CIMA offers great flexibility to enter any pays.