Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Cima E1 Exam Question No 70

Question No 70:

What is the marketing concept?

A philosophy of business, that holds that the key to organisational success is meeting customers' needs more effectively ad more closely than competitors (a belief system)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

'We are importing and exporting knowledge through commerce'

Born in Ghana and an accounting accountant Father Noel Tagoe sleep with Becoming a Mathematician Even if he fell in love with the trade and a new definition decided Darla. Today, El Comercio for Christmas is not a theme for intellectuals a breeding on top or an option of the race has Mint money, but a strategy of life.

CURRENTLY, the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Institute of Accountants Management (CIMA), based in the UK, are responsible for providing Leadership Thinking Through Research in accounting there finance. In Bangalore for the ceremony of the call for Commerce and deanato management in the University of Christ, Noel has YOU speak. Extracts:

How did El Comercio begin for you?

I love mathematics I did not want to be a mathematician. However, at the birth of the United Nations rape Father insisted that the Tomara accounting. EVEN THOUGH at first I was upset, I finally realized he had taken that decision to better life in me. Soon I fell in love with the subject and became a mid-passion. I realized finances as sin, life is useless. I need it at every step of your life. If you want to make an Investment Retirement, you will have to finance saber if you want to buy a new property, you will have finances of saber. This theme is How It is enormously transformative are alchemy. Everything came back in touch WHEN it's the finance scam.

How was El Comercio in the Past and Now How is it?

In The Past, Commerce was THEME Only For Intellectuals are Most People Who Study It Just Knew By What CATed They Studied. But now the stage has changed student and every one who takes the trade questions the subject and wants to know more about the respect. THAT I place the subject on the map and in general Alento the interconnection between several institutions of the World to the Commerce that they studied.

Previously, El Comercio is restricted only to the lucrative Private Sectors there, but now it is also significant in the public and non-profit sectors. The Technology, El Comercio score still converted into a life strategy and we are importing not exporting knowledge m a through the. The topic has become More Penetrating There is the language of Cost, Benefit, Risk, Religion and Society.

What role does ethics play in trade? Is any specific discipline in ethical trading?

Yes, It's Here and That's What We're Exactly Focusing on at This Moment. Formerly the ethical age Subject to an individual. People used to study ethics as an independent subject and then apply it to trade. However, NOW, we HAVE combined ethics in the trading of How This Last Sin CAN sustain ethics. The Trade is the force of the World Development promoter of it, if it breaks, All That Will be the We have Chaos not Anarchy. What does it do? It is to maintain the ethical United Drive that force the system and prevent it from decomposing. Without ethics The Rules Mere could never sustain the backbone of global development.

Which children are the New Investigations underway in the Field of Commerce?

We are using our retrospective (past) vision, the current (insight) there is (future) foresight to Work in a New business segment called moral. In What We Are Working, Values ​​We CREATE, Preserving, Business Sharing a Global Level, Using Ethics Bring More Paragraph A facilitating and business existence f Peaceful Values ​​and business. We are also focusing on our air No. competing, Technology leverage v But in accounting for ACHIEVE AN EVOLUTION In The Future of Finance.